Commodore Tourer

Adventure Driven


Make it yours

Astra Sportwagon LT in Abalone White
Astra Sportwagon in Nitrate Silver
Astra Sportwagon LT in Abalone White
Astra Sportwagon LT in Cosmic Grey
Astra Sportwagon LT in Darkmoon Blue
Astra Sportwagon LT in Rioja Red
Astra Sportwagon LT in Mineral Black

Unexpected design

The all-new Commodore Tourer is the car designed for the drivers of life to drive through life, whether it’s to the camping spot miles from home or that spot on the beach you’ve been waiting to check out. The Commodore Tourer all-wheel-drive is on its way to make our journeys a lot easier, a lot safer, and loads more fun.


Enjoy the ride

Look closer, and you’ll find subtle details like ventilated front seats that breathe life into the everyday.


Innovative tech


The Commodore’s tailgate powers open for you with a swish of your foot—all you need is the sensor key in your pocket or bag.


Commodore's 8” colour touchscreen with Apple CarPlay®* and Android® Auto functionality lets you get directions, call, message, play music and more — all without touching your phone.

*Requires compatible device.


Low on battery? Charge your phone with ease by placing it in the console, no messy wires required.

*Requires compatible devices


The Commodore’s Satellite Navigation system is your go-to driving companion, with points of interest to keep you entertained along the way.


Performance that’s more than just speed.


V6 engine

All Wheel Drive


Automatic Transmission


Advanced safety

Forward Collision Alert*

For a safer drive, choose the information you want to see on the windscreen in front of you so you can stay focused on the journey ahead.

Adaptive LED Matrix Lights*

The Commodore’s headlights automatically dim to avoid blinding other drivers while intelligently lighting up where you’re headed.

Forward Collision Alert*

The Commodore uses multiple cameras to give you a 360 bird’s eye view of the world around your car.

Forward Collision Alert*

Adaptive Cruise Control works in the background to detect the changing speed of cars in front of you, adjusting when needed.

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Meet the Commodore

There’s a lot to love about the Tourer’s sibling model. The epitome of understated style, it’s packed with features for your most luxurious drive yet.

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